We run free webinars and presentations to provide advice on business processes and software.


A ‘do it yourself’ mini template to assess if your business processes and software are operating efficiently.
Finding the right software for your business
  • benefits-img1Efficient business processes
  • benefits-img2'Lean' business
  • benefits-img3Focus back on your business, not administration
  • benefits-img4Reduce your admin overheads
  • benefits-img5Decentralise your workload with the right software
  • benefits-img6Halve the time it takes to do something (like payroll, invoicing, managing clients)
  • benefits-img7Your business needs a 'link' between you and software Vendors
  • benefits-img8Work smarter, not harder
The Orchard Consulting Group story started in 2011 when Donna Orchard was approached by a struggling disability organisation looking to purchase a Client Management System. The organisation had very little funds and no idea where to start.  Donna began analysing every aspect of the business to create the current and future state of all operational activities.  We then sourced and implemented the ‘right’ software for the organisation and continue to support the business with all key decisions around business processes, software and business intelligence.  We want to see our clients do well, prosper and be the best at what they do. We practice what we preach.  Our business operates 'virtually'.  We don’t have a fancy office.  We operate in the cloud, we communicate remotely, and we keep our operations 'lean' so our clients benefit from the best people at the lowest rates.  

Learn how to be a 'systems thinker'

A 'knowledge transfer' exercise, that will teach you how to make your business operate as 'lean' as possible using effective processes and technology.

Marie LuggMarie LuggExecutive Officer, Interchange Inner East
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John GraceJohn GraceVice President Donwood
We hired Orchard Consulting Group to review the adequacy of our business processes and systems in order to identify inefficiencies ...

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Naomi Fornaro Naomi Fornaro President, Mount Waverley Preschool
Mount Waverley Preschool employed Donna's services to source and implement an IT solution for all our business needs. Throughout the ...

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