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Improving NFP’s client value proposition by
optimising the right IT software

Orchard Consulting Group’s Scoping Workshop is a two day process designed to help NFP’s improve their client value by determining whether their software is fit for purpose and set up for success.
Deciding whether to revitalise existing or procure new software is a critical business decision that requires appropriate planning and management to realise the desired benefits, and return on investment.

The Scoping Workshop informs this decision for your organisation through the analysis of existing business software applications, their respective functions and how they should integrate together. Orchard Consulting will facilitate the identification of your organisation’s business and technical requirements, and generate a consolidated a view that is aligned with your strategic direction. In addition, Orchard Consulting will help the organisation’s decision makers plan the next steps by recommending items for inclusion in your IT budget, as well as highlighting the areas that need more or less investment.

Orchard Consulting’s Scoping Workshop involves deploying an experienced Business and Software Analysts on-site for two days to get a feel of your organisation and culture. And, in conjunction with your organisation’s key stakeholders, the overall business model will be mapped out exactly how it should look, which subsequently identifies the gaps. Here is a template of a business model that can be tailored according to your organisation’s needs and preferences:

In support of the not-for-profit sector, Orchard Consulting is offering 10% off the normal price so your organisation can benefit from starting the planning process of finding the ‘right’ software for your business.

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