We often hear the following three assumptions from our clients regarding purchasing and implementing the ‘right’ Client Management System for the disability sector. If you would like to book a 60-minute appointment to discuss your concerns here is my Calendly link https://calendly.com/donna_ocg/introduction-to-orchard-consulting-group

We don’t have the money to hire IT people to find and implement a new client management system….it can’t be that hard, so we’ll have to do it in-house.

Prioritising spending is important. NFP’s often run on the smell of an oily rag and can’t afford expensive IT people. It’s possible, in addition to your main role you are wearing many hats (admin, finance, IT, OH&S, reception, and the ‘audits’) and, you have multiple business systems, spreadsheets and processes to navigate. This is very normal. We see it all the time!

We regularly hear these issues highlighted by management and staff. They feel overwhelmed with not just the amount of work they must do, but also lost time spent on replicating data in multiple places by multiple people, and the unnecessary errors and rework. They know they need help but think they can’t afford the IT gurus.

At Orchard Consulting Group, we understand the cost impact that a new system can have on an organisation, there’s no question it’s an expensive investment, but lost time by inefficient systems is equally expensive, and usually leads to hiring more staff to do more ‘manual labour’.  It’s a never-ending cycle until you decide to break it.  This is why Orchard Consulting Group exists, we’re the circuit breakers that prevent that cycle from occurring ever again.  If you don’t do things differently you’re potentially missing out on major opportunities, or worse still losing good people because they simply cannot be effective in their roles.

We use methodologies that have been tailored to the time poor, resource lean and cost savvy NFP’s that expedites the effort to map out your current problems, develop your system requirements and then source the ‘right’ system for your not-for-profit.  Sounds simple right?  Well trust me, it’s taken years to build this methodology and having worked in IT for twenty years I can tell you there are many ‘hats’ we need to wear to find the right application for your organisation.  The ‘planning’ process is crucial, and if you skip this step and go straight to purchasing software you’ll pay for it down the track, that’s a proven fact.  And don’t be fooled by software vendors that say it will take eight weeks to implement new software, this really is a misconception!  At the end of the planning journey with us you’ll know exactly why you needed us.  Our motto is to ‘do this once, and do it properly’, the first time!

How do you know what system is ‘right’ for us?

“Finding the right software for your business” is the overriding purpose of Orchard Consulting Group. We take this really, really seriously! The initial stage of our involvement is talking with everyone and anyone who will be involved in the system changes. We investigate the current processes, systems, problems, culture, opportunities, benefits, risks, financials, ideas, strategies and anything to gain a clear picture of what will suit your organisation. Through mapping this information and analysing it holistically, we then go market and search for the top three software solutions we’ve discovered that would be right for you and the clients you service. We have created our own database called SAM (Software Analysis Matrix) that contains over seventy NDIS ‘ready’ Client Management Systems (CMS) and we’re always looking out for the latest on the market.

Ultimately the decision of which system to implement lies with your organisation, but our facilitation expertise will help make this an extremely educated decision. We manage all negotiations with the Software Vendor and ask the ‘right’ questions to ensure the purchase price, conditions and ‘extras’ are on the table before signing the contract.

I can’t implement or manage the new system. I’m not a tech savvy person.

At Orchard Consulting Group we make sure our clients have the confidence, maturity and capabilities to manage small, medium or enterprise systems.  Our Consultants are always performing ‘knowledge transfer’ at every opportunity with our clients, we want you to be independent when we transition out, we want you to make ‘smarter’ decisions and use a proven methodology to always keep you on track.   The tools and templates we provide along the way will be part of your ‘system toolbox’ when we leave, you’ll keep updating them and using them for a very long time.

Implementing a new system is not an easy task if you don’t have the proper skills. We keep our ‘tech talk’ to a minimum and use language that our clients understand.  However, our technical expertise to integrate your other applications is invaluable. We can ‘speak geek’ when it’s needed to make sure your business systems can ‘communicate’ nicely together.  We won’t just implement your new CMS, we’ll make sure it can be leveraged from every possible angle to maximise all opportunities you may not have even considered.  Our approach is ‘big picture’ stuff, we’re heavily into transformation projects and getting the most bang for your buck.  Our biggest kick is seeing how much ‘fun’ our clients have throughout the process and the relief of not having to update twenty spreadsheets ever again!

Once you’ve mastered your new system and developed a mature understanding on how to maximise its capabilities, we know our job is done and we’re good to transition out. Our ‘systems thinking’ approach will be embedded into your organisation for the long haul, no more ‘workaround’ spreadsheets will be needed, no more duplication of effort and the extra time you’ll get back will be better spent on doing what your organisation does best, serving the clients you take care of.

Implementing a new system can be costly and challenging, but we assure you, when you learn a more efficient way of doing business, you will wonder how you ever managed before!

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