Orchard Consulting Group provides end-to-end business process analysis to ‘audit’ current processes to improve associated workflows of tasks and activities. This can result in significant time/cost savings performing a task therefore affording management the opportunity to focus on business intelligence activities. Orchard Consulting has developed a customised Business Intelligence Architecture Diagram (BIAD) to link all aspects of the business such as processes, corporate strategies, data governance and reporting frameworks. This is then mapped against the CRM/Rostering system to ensure all aspects of the business can be integrated. Our Consultants can provide the following services:

– Business analysis (Business Analysis Process Model)
– Business case development
– Business process mapping/Process improvement (‘as is’ & ‘to be’)
– Requirements engineering/functional specifications
– Stakeholder workshops/management
– Cost/Benefit analysis


Orchard Consulting Group has significant experience analysing and selecting the right CRM/Rostering system to effectively manage business requirements. Working in conjunction with the Vendor, our Consultants will ensure all identified Stakeholder needs are met using the new software to ensure a return on investment.
Orchard Consulting uses its own custom developed Software Analysis Matrix (SAM) to find the ‘best fit’ product on the market. Our Consultants provide the following services:

– Customised functional requirements
– Vendor negotiations/due diligence
– Gap analysis/cost benefit analysis
– Software analysis & procurement (customised off-the-shelf CRM/Rostering systems)
– Software Analysis Matrix (SAM)


Upon the successful procurement of the right CRM/Rostering system, Orchard Consulting Group can facilitate the configuration, testing and roll-out of the product in conjunction with the Vendor. This joint Project Management not only enables a smoother ‘go-live’ but also ensures the product is being used at its full potential. The Consultant assigned to manage the roll-out will provide the following services:

– Project Management
– Configuration and product roll-out
– Technical testing & User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
– Customised training and user manuals
– Business intelligence/reporting recommendations
– Data analytics/data cleansing advice
– Statutory reporting testing including HaCC MDS, QDC and NRCP
– Ongoing post implementation services


One of the biggest factors that can affect a successful project is ensuring all key stakeholders are comfortable and confident with the project. Our Change Managers will guide your team through the process every step of the way including:

– Preparing a Stakeholder Matrix
– Developing and facilitating the communication plan to key stakeholders
– Managing risks and change fatigue
– Managing the quality of the change management process
– Liaising heavily with the Project Manager and escalating issues where necessary
– Coordinating the training and go live plan
– Communicating the success criteria
– Post Implementation Review

NDIS Consulting

Orchard Consulting Group are specialist software brokers, business analysts and project managers for not for profit organisations. We have strong relationships in the Community Care space including Disability, Mental Health and Aged Care.

Over the last five years our consultants have been researching the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS will change the way Australian’s access funding for disability and mental health services. Providers will no longer receive ‘block funding’ from Government. Instead, clients will receive an NDIS package that can be used to purchase the services of their choice. This contestable market place is a new world for Service Providers and business agility is the key to ensuring longevity.

Orchard Consulting Group offers a number of services to assist with the NDIS transition including:

• Business Analysis
• Software Procurement
• Project Management
• Software Implementation
• Post Implementation Support
• Business Intelligence

We’ve also adapted our analysis techniques to suit the client-centered approach required for ensuring the ‘clients’ journey’ is successful.

One of our strengths is ‘finding the right software for your business’. This has involved significant research analysing off the shelf software to support the NDIS. Our software analyst ‘SAM’ (Software Analysis Matrix) is always on the lookout for Client Management Systems (CMS) that can support the business functions required for the NDIS. We also make sure it can integrate with other business applications such as payroll, finance and the Provider Portal. Check out ‘SAM’ on our video

Let Orchard Consulting Group help you determine if your organisation’s current business systems will meet the NDIS requirements. We can then work with you to design and build an effective business systems solution to ensure a smooth and prepared transition into the new NDIS world.

We’re looking forward to making your business stand out from the crowd and be the choice Service Provider for your clients.